Our Purpose

We exist to see, savor and share our satisfaction in God through Jesus Christ with all people. We believe that our hearts are satisfied with God in Christ when we see Him individually through the Gospel, savor Him corporately and share Him missionally with all peoples.

Our Vision & Values

We aspire to glorify God in our W-O-R-D-S

  • Worship

    • God-Centered Praise

      Our primary reason for existing as a church is to draw attention to God in all His greatness. This is our ultimate passion. We long to see God's supremacy recognized and demonstrated in our lives and in the lives of all people.

    • Christ-Centered Preaching

      We believe that Jesus is the crux of human history. He brought history to its climax and is bringing this age to its end. Therefore, Jesus is at the center of every sermon and every story told in the Bible. We long to see Him in every encounter with our open Bibles.

    • Spirit-Centered Prayer

      The Holy Spirit is sent by God to empower and change His people at the level of our core values. We believe this is most evident by the way we pray. Our hearts cry out to God from a deep and abiding affection and a radical sense of dependence.

  • Outreach

    • Community-Centered Gospel

      We believe that we go out into our communities as a community for the sake of expressing the love of Christ to a darkened world. Evangelism is most effective when the body acts corporately. We desire to serve our communities as Jesus' hands and feet. We are committed to be merciful and gracious people.

    • Missional Focus

      We operate with an understanding that we are carrying out the very same mission that Christ came to accomplish. Christ's earthly mission is not yet complete. He has left a body on earth empowered with His same Spirit and equipped with His gifts. We believe that we must be "on mission" wherever we are, whether at home, at work, at commerce, or in a foreign country.

  • Relationships

    • Gospel-Centered

      We believe that the Lord has placed His people into the body of Christ, the local church, for the sake of savoring the gospel more deeply. We come to see along with all the saints what is the length, breadth, height and depth of the love of God.

    • Truth-Based

      We are committed to speaking the truth in love in our relationships. We believe this is the single most important act for building up the church of Christ. We understand our participation in the church primarily as purposeful involvement in each other's lives.

    • Grace-Driven

      We are firmly committed to serving and caring for one another. We realize that this is not always easy, but in obedience to God we are determined to work at developing deeper and more honest relationships as we follow Christ together. The highest quality of biblical fellowship can be enjoyed only in the context of these committed relationships. We will strive to operate in the same sphere of grace that we know Christ holds us.

  • Doctrine

    • God-Centered Theology

      We believe that God, in the full-orb of His divine majesty, is the starting point of any biblical theology. We are driven to be God-centered as opposed to man-centered. We attribute to God absolute sovereignty over all things including the will of man and acts of nature.

    • Bible-Saturated Study

      We treasure the Bible as God's inspired Word and gladly submit to its authority. We not only believe that the Bible is the completely true and trustworthy Word of God, we also believe God gave it to us for the express purpose of shaping our thinking and our behavior. In addition, we are convinced it is completely sufficient to guide us in all areas related to our faith and the life of the church.

    • Heart-Centered Application

      The Bible is given to conform us into the image of Christ. We believe that the truth claims of the Bible enter our hearts through the gate of the mind, shaping our affections, changing our desires and ultimately producing within us acts of the will that are consistent with that of Jesus. In all our preaching, teaching and discussing of the Word, we aim to be radical in its application.

  • Stewardship

    • Eternity-Centered Treasures

      As stewards of God's good gifts we know that all we have must be used not only in a wise fashion but for His kingdom's agenda. We will aim to come under the rule of Christ in our use of material things. We are devoted to laying up our treasures in heaven. We will strive to put down every urge to store up creaturely comforts here and now.

    • Time-Redeeming Disciplines

      We are devoted to managing our resources well so as to maximize our effectiveness in service. We know how easily we come under the bondage of debt, whether it be over-spending with money or overextending in meaningless commitments for our time. We will seek to budget money and time and to exercise spiritual and physical disciplines that will free us up for service.